1st Quarter 2020 Writing Competitions

I compiled a list of all of the writing competitions I could find for the first part of the year, I will post any more I find on the next quarter so be sure to like and subscribe if that’s something you’d like to keep tabs on. And let me know if you have any more to add!

The pattern is:

Company, details & restrictions, deadline date, cost and how to submit. Enjoy!

Writing competition deadlines

Emerging Writer Award, A4 outline summary + CV + 2000 word sample, january 3rd, free to enter (awards@moniackmhor.org.uk titled Emerging Writer Award)

Henshaw, under 2000 words double spaced + numbered + each page titled + separate contact page of name, address and number, 6th January, £6 ( https://www.henshawpress.co.uk )

Mogford food & drink short story prize, under 2500 words including food and drink, January 13th, £10 ( https://www.mogfordprize.co.uk/how-to-enter/ )

Stringybark Short Story Awards, Australian theme in under 1500 words 12pt Times New Roman with single spacing and 0.5 cm indented paragraphs and the cover sheet downloaded from their website, January 19th, AUD $14 (entries@stringybark.net payment must be sent with)

Poets & Players, single space 12 pt font with new entries on another page under 40 lines, January 21st, 3 for £10 ( https://poetsandplayers.co/2019/11/16/competition-2020/ )

Fresher Prize, up to 3000 words of prose or 42 lines of poetry – must include 75 word biography and postal address, January 27th, £7 per entry ( https://www.fresherpublishing.co.uk/the-fresher-writing-prize-3/ )

Keats-Shelly Prize, 30 line under A4 page poem on the theme Songbird, January 31st, £10 (https://keats-shelley.org/prizes/keats_shelley_prize_2020)

Keats-Shelly Prize, under 3000 word essay on  the lives or works of the Romantics with quotations, January 31st, £10 ( https://keats-shelley.org/prizes/keats_shelley_prize_2020 )

Kent & Sussex Poetry Society, up to 40 lines, January 31st, £5 each or £4 for more than 3 entries ( poems kentandsussexpoetry@gmail.com and payment https://kentandsussexpoetry.com/the-kent-sussex-poetry-society-open-competition/ )

Fiction Factory, under 3000 words, February 29th, £16 with critique ( https://fiction-factory.biz )

MTP, under 3000 words, February 29th, £5 ( https://www.mtp.agency/competition )

Enfield poets, up to 50 lines, March 7th, £10 for 3 (payment https://enfieldpoets.com/2019/09/07/poetry-competition/#enter then entry with transaction number competition@enfieldpoets.com )

Dark tales, under 5000 words, march 31st, £8 entry with critique ( stories@darktales.co.uk titled Dark Tales Contest Entry )

Wild Poem Competition, up to 70 line wild poem, February 29th, £10 for 4 poems ( payment and submission on https://frostedfirefirsts.blog/wild-poem-competition/ )
Bristol Short Story Prize, under 4000 words, April 30th, £9 per entry ( online form https://www.bristolprize.co.uk/online-entry/ )

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